stayed here

Yesterday I stayed here, I didn’t mind it when he went to drop them off at the train station, but when he went to pick them up then things started to not work out so good for me. I had a panic attack while he was gone. I was shaking, I couldn’t breathe, it was … More stayed here

avoiding anxiety.

Today, my sister, her boyfriend and the two kids went to a fare that was in my city. I didn’t know what time they would be back, or how long they would be gone, so I didn’t want to stay here by myself, I realize this was not good to avoid staying here by myself, … More avoiding anxiety.

a little worried

so, I am feeling worried, I am woried about this seizure thing happening, I am here by myself, so its making me think about it more. I know I shouldn’t go out to avoid the situation, but I really want to. I jut wish that this worrying could all stop. I know since I am … More a little worried

outing today

today, I went out to the hungry jacks. I had a lot of anxiety while I was there and also before I went. I just ordered my food and came back. I still can’t eat there. As usual the driver helped me in and helped me to order the food. The food took a while … More outing today

stayed here.

Today, I stayed here. It was for about an hour and a half or something. I did well with it, though, It helps me when they don’t tell me when they are leaving. It doesn’t make the anxiety as bad. Because I stayed here, and I did well with it, it makes me wonder how … More stayed here.


So, I’m thinking about my therapy on Thursday, my dad was going to drop me at my appointment and then go do other things while I’m there, I don’t know if thats such a good idea. I mean, I will be with someone who I have never met before, and I don’t like the idea … More thoughts