Firstly, I would like to thank my readers, visitors, and followers for reading this blog. Sometimes I really think it is probably more boring than worth reading. I second guess my writing a lot. But thats another post for another day, Back to why I originally posted…   In a while, I am going shopping, … More SHOPPING!!!

Blood test

so, I finally did it, I got a blood test. Next week I get the results. I have a specialest appointment in a few weeks with the endocrinologist. Which is a ear, nose and throat doctor, I think. I’m scared about that, I don’t like doctors, but I guess I’ll go anyway. I don’t understand … More Blood test

stayed here

before, I stayed here. I am happy with the way it went, I had a bit of anticipatory anxiety, leading up to when they were leaving, but forced myself to believe that I’d be ok. I am surprised at how well I went, considering I hadn’t stayed here on my own for a few weeks … More stayed here

not much happening

Today, not much is happening. I hope the person organizing my volunteer gets back to me soon.   in regards to my course , I haven’t started it yet, I have to provide them with a certificate to show that i have completed my high school education. And also I have to provide them with … More not much happening