Stayed here again today.

I stayed here today. I’m so happy I did that. I’m happy with it because I had no anxiety. I think it was like that because they told me they were leaving, but I couldn’t hear them  saying about it as I had my headphones on, listening to music. I’m getting better I think :).

Stayed here today

So today, I stayed here again. I think I’m getting better at it. I still had anxiety, but I used some breathing techniques, and it seemed to help a lot. I still need that real company, though. That’s just something I’ll have to keep working on. I have to work on going out independently also, … More Stayed here today

stayed here

before, I stayed here. I am happy with the way it went, I had a bit of anticipatory anxiety, leading up to when they were leaving, but forced myself to believe that I’d be ok. I am surprised at how well I went, considering I hadn’t stayed here on my own for a few weeks … More stayed here


what is  agoraphobia?   agoraphobia is an intense anxiety disorder which is usually caused by a person having 1 or more panic attacks, which in turn causes them to avoid situations where they think they could have one. They are able to go out with a companion or someone with whom they feel safe with … More agrophobia