I notice that people who are disabled are treated differently because of their disability. I notice this in particurlarly the blind and Vision impaired community, but i’m sure it happens to all disabled individuals with families who shelter or over protect there children. The parrent/parrents assume that there son/daughter can’t do things, or that they need to take over with things because it will make it easier for the child.

But that is absolurtely not a logical way to think, and it takes the independants away that everyone has a right to have.

Take it from me, I have experienced this myself growing up. At the age of 22 I went out by myself for the first time, apart from that I would have one of my parrents take me out where I needed to go. They would come into my doctor appointments and other personal tests. I didn’t object to this, because I thought I couldn’t do it by myself.

At the age of 16 I had finally persuaded my dad to let me take my cane out shopping, they had usually guided me and not let me take my cane.

While we were out shopping, they wouldn’t let me touch the shelves and see what was around me, I had to keep my hands away from the shelves incase I knocked something over or broke something.

At home, I wasn’t allowed to wash my clothes, cook meals for myself, I was yelled at for spilling a drink on the table and other petty things like that.

Now I am slowly learning the skills to get by. I have made many dishes and gone out by myself on a number of occasions, as you readers know from reading my posts.

I just thought I would give you all a little more insite into my life.


  1. hi its carol anne, remember me? i have did and am blind, too. i’ve been lucky, my parents didnt shelter me at all, its hard when partens do that. i’m glad your learning now though. xx


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