new years day post

Hi to all my readers, and happy new year to you all.
Due to some arguments in our house lately, I disconnected my original internet plan, and now have a new service up and running again.

In regards to my anxiety, I am getting better at staying home alone, but not so much with going out by myself.
I have a lot of anticipitory anxiety with this flight coming up in 37 days. I feel like I can’t do it. What if I’m not safe? what if I get homesick? What if my anxiety is too much? What if I throw up because my anxiety makes me do that?
o.. so many things. I am just not so sure about it.
I feel very nervous, and I don’t like change. Even though change can sometimes be a good thing, such as in this case.
Since I alwys get belittled here, no one has bothered to teach me some skills, such as cleaning etc. So that is one of the reasons I am going to see my friend intastate. I just feel scared, and afraid.

4 thoughts on “new years day post

  1. On a lighter note, I might be the person throwing up across the aisle from you on the flight. People will be so distracted by my spectacularly messy barfathon (no exaggerration) that they’ll be too busy to pay attention to you;) You can do this.

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