went to the doctors today

Today, I had to go to the doctors because I had to get a new script for my medication. I had a bit of anxiety while I was there, and I felt that throwing up feeling. I hate that feeling.
After I saw the doctor, I went to a store for the first time by myself, I bought a new charger for my phone. The other one is about to stop working. So I figured I’d buy another one on the way home.
I’m happy with what I accomplished today.
My aim for tomorrow is to either go to the cafe or go for a walk. I think I will go to the cafe again, though.
I also got excepted for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. I’m excited at what that has to offer.
Bring on next year, when I find out.

If anyone has any questions, remember to comment below.

Thanks for reading.
I’ll blog again soo.
Stay well my readers.

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