my week has been great this week.

This week, my week has been good, on Monday I had Mobility. I crossed a large crossing all by myself. I was proud of myself for that, even though I did second guess myself, but I still did it and thats what counts. I will keep practicing the crossing, over the next four Mondays, which is when I have mobility booked. I am afraid to walk by myself still, though. I don’t know how to combat that.

On tuesday, I didn’t do a whole lot, just chilled around the house really. and chatted to people online and all that. It was rather a boring day, not much to write about for that day.
On wednesday, it was a good day, My sister, my mother and I all walked to the shopping centre, it is about a 5 or 6 minute walk. I like walking there, because it gets me out the house, and I get to buy things.
I bought some new clothes, and some other hygine type products.
Today we all walked to the shop again, this time it was to buy the ingredients that I needed for my quiche recipe I made today. I really enjoyed making it. I got help from a blindness organisation called the Royal Society for the Blind. I love cooking, even though I don’t like the cleaning up afterwards.
I like to improve my skills also, that’s always good.

I’ll blog again soon.

4 thoughts on “my week has been great this week.

  1. Wow I’m so proud of you. You are doing it even though it is a struggle you are still doing it.
    I am still scared to walk by MY self and I am not blind!!!!! I really cannot even imagine the strength of spirit and will it takes to do that walk alone but I know you will keep trying. I would much rather walk with my husband that go by myself. But i push myself to go by myself some days and it is hard. Anxiety provoking but I do it and hope it gets easier. I’m glad you got to get out and shop with your family. That sounds fun


    1. O, i’m really sorry, I didn’t see your comment. oopse.
      Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind comments. I don’t get many very often. It is really hard with my anxiety, but somehow, I manage to get through it. I do have medication for my anxiety, but I don’t take it. I am afraid to take it.

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      1. I always read your blog but I now have this 2 step authentication process to comment and I can’t always find my phone to log in but today I did !!!! I just read the other one you posted. I love that you keep trying

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  2. Doing well, going great! keep it up. and yes, some ‘me’time in kitchen and trying new recipes is surely a healthy way to stay engaged.


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