mobility was councilled and other things

On Monday, my mobility was councilled, because my instructor was sick. I was looking forward to the mobility, I was kind of upset that I couldn’t do it, but I have it again this Monday, so I hope it goes well.

On tuesday, I had a doctors appointment to get some blood test results back, they came back perfect, wich I was surprized to see. I always worry about medical things like that. But I always try to tell myself that if anything was seriously wrong, then the doctor would call me  to make an appointment right away.

The rest of that week I didn’t do much. Fastford to this weekend. I cought up with my friend Lauren. we went to a shopping centre today. I really enjoyed myself, we looked at some stores, I got a new purse, some pop-tars, and a new power outlet, so I can plug more devices into the powerpoints at one time.

Thanks for reading,

I’ll blog again soon.

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