Psychologist appointment yesterday

Yesterday, I saw my psychologist. She was great. We started some cognitive-behavioral therapy. , she gave me an example of what cognitive behavioral therapy is, and how it’s used. The end question I have to answer is, I am anxious because?. I also went to the doctors today, I got a blood test, and some new anxiety medication, I hope it works for me.. The blood test was a bit , frightening,even though I’m scared of needles. I went with Jade,  so that made my anxiety a little better. After my blood test, we went to the Hungry Jacks take out food store. We won large free cokes each , and they were good. After that, we went to the Seaford Shopping Centre, for Jade to sort out some things. I went back to Jades Place afterwards, and spent a couple of hours there.
So all in all, I had a good day.
Thanks for reading, I’ll blog again  soon.

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