zoo outing yesterday, and some anxiety right now.

Yesterday, I went to the zoo with my friend Jade and her family. we saw a lot of different animals there such as, a meercat, some otters, some birds, goats and other interesting ones.
We got to go in the petting zoo and pet some of the animals, the one I particularly liked was the kangaroo and the little baby lamb. I wish I could have taken photos of some of them. But of course, we had to be rather quick, because we got to the zoo to late in the day.

I had to end up leaving my friends place earlier than expected. A fight broke out between her and her mom, and I got a lot of anxiety. I left because obviously I couldn’t deal with the arguing and shouting that was going on. Afterwards I took a while to calm myself down, but I managed to in the end.
Today my anxiety isn’t great. I don’t want to stay here by myself, and I am worried my Dad will go out, and I don’t want to stay here. My sister and her boyfriend went out, and I hope he doesn’t too.
But if he does, I’ll just have to deal with it. I guess.

I’ll write again soon.

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