psychologist appointment today

Today, I saw my psychologist, for the first time in 4 weeks.
We did some relaxation exercises, I really enjoyed them. They made me feel comfortable, and less anxious. I had to count my breaths for 1 minute. I had to do that twice, then we listened to a lady talk about meditation and how to imagine images and think of the “Safe Place”. This is a place where I can come back to, if I get stressed or anxious.
I also explained to her about Friday.
This Friday it is my sisters 18th birthday. She is going out with her boyfriend, and one of my sisters Kirsty, I think it is, will be looking after the children. Because my sister is going by train into the city, I will have to stay here by myself for about an hour while my dad picks my sister up from the station, and while they go to pick up the children from kirsty’s place.
I wanted to avoid the situation all together, but my psychologist suggested that that wasn’t a good idea. She said she would like to see me stay home for that hour or so while they are gone. She suggested I plan some activities to do, listen to music, talk on the phone, anything to distract me. But she said I must not avoid it.
So, I guess I’ll see how I go with that.

I’ll blog again soon.
Thanks for reading.

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