doctors appointment and other things happening lately.

Yesterday I went to the doctors, I got some anxiety medication from there, but I haven’t bought it yet. I will buy it on Tuesday of next week. I also got the doctor to fill in the paperwork for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, so I will send that paperwork back tomorrow. At the moment … More doctors appointment and other things happening lately.

stayed here

Yesterday I stayed here, I didn’t mind it when he went to drop them off at the train station, but when he went to pick them up then things started to not work out so good for me. I had a panic attack while he was gone. I was shaking, I couldn’t breathe, it was … More stayed here

thinking too much

I am thinking way too much about tomorrow, I will have to stay here at night, and I desperatly don’t want to. I just want to avoid it. My anxiety is so powerful, and I just can’t deal with it. There are so many possible situations running through my head right now, and I don’t … More thinking too much

avoiding anxiety.

Today, my sister, her boyfriend and the two kids went to a fare that was in my city. I didn’t know what time they would be back, or how long they would be gone, so I didn’t want to stay here by myself, I realize this was not good to avoid staying here by myself, … More avoiding anxiety.