Went to the post office today.

I had a lot of anxiety today, in regards to going to the post office. I felt physically sick before I left, and struggled so much to hold it back. I desperately didn’t want to go, but I knew I had to.  After much reassurance from Josh, I somehow managed to go there. I still had to go in with the driver, though. I need to get better with that, but I guess the way I look at it, is that at least I still went and didn’t give up or avoid it. Tomorrow I have mobility, I hope that goes well, I am not as nervous as last time, although I might be before the session, though. I will just have to deal with that when it comes, i suppose. I am also going to schedule an appointment with my doctor in the next coming days, and see if she can do something else in regards to my anxiety, because I can’t keep living like this.

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