Mobility training

Yesterday I had mobility training. I had anxiety as usual, before I started. But still, despite my anxiety, I didnt avoid it. I went and did the training, I walked down to the train station near me, and also along another bike track. I enjoyed it’s. It was a nice sunny day. I’m sorry I didn’t write this post earlier, I had such a headache yesterday. I’m feeling much better today though.
Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Mobility training

    1. Thanks. I felt pretty proud of myself after that. I still have a long way to go yet. I’m looking into moving into my own place soon. That seems quite scary. But I’m sure I’ll work it out.


  1. You definitely should feel proud! Congratulations! Its a big thing (I still live with people so I can’t even imagine, but It’s such a brave step) and you will definitely work it out! I look forward to hearing about it, good luck 🙂


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