Went out yesterday

This was meant to be a blog post for yesterday. Yesterday I went out with my mum my sister, and my niece and my sister’s daughter. We walked to the shopping centre. I use my cane to walk there, and I was a bit in front of everyone. I walked very confidently, I didn’t have any anxiety. I felt great. I think I underestimate myself a lot, in regards to my orientation and mobility skills. That means, getting from place to place, and all that. I can do it while other people are around. But I have trouble doing it by myself. I’m sure with Practice, I will get better at it in time. I’m afraid of getting lost, I don’t really want to get lost. I’ve got lost once before, that was a few years ago, it was on the way to a friend’s place. I walked there, luckily a lady came from across the road  and asked me if I was ok, she helped me to go to the right street. I really appreciated that, I was very scared, and my anxiety was starting to build up. . I’m hoping I can get better,  so eventually I can go out on my own, and go walking by myself. Next Tuesday, I’m hoping I can go to the local grocery store, by myself, and get a few items. I hope I don’t have much anxiety while doing that. I have a lot of anxiety when leading up to the event. I hate that. I also have a psychologist appointment next Tuesday. I’m looking forward to that. Next Friday I have a housing SA appointment, which I hope I can sort something out about getting a place
Anyway, I’ll go for now.
Thanks for reading..

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