some worries.

I have some worries, mainly still about this seizure thing you all must be getting sick of it by now, just as I am. I hate it. nearly everyday I worry about it at some point, except the worrying is worse than before. I don’t like dealing with the fact of unknowing whats going to happen in regards to that. I know I am on medication, but I don’t know what persentage that will protect me. I ahve heard of people that have had them while still being on medication. I know I shouldn’t take other peoples’ experience and make them my own, because everyone’s experiences are different. I’m not sure why I do that.

I have a psychologist appointment on the 13th of June, I hope she will be able to help me. I also hope the therapy is more regular than my last one.

She may refer me to a person who can perscribe me anxiety medication, I don’t know what will happen, but something has to. I don’t want this to rule my life, like it has been doing. I thought being on medication would make it easier, and make my worries go away, but it has worsened them.


As far as going out is concerned, I am getting better at going out on my own now, I even went to the doctors all by myself the otherday, some of you may not think that isn’t a big achieveent, but for me it is. I am starting to try to deal with strangers more often, to get used of them. Most of them are quite helpful, which is good.


TOday I am going out with Jade, my friend, we have doctors appointments, and we will be going to some other places, so that should be fun.

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