update on life

firstly, I would like to appoligise to my readers for not blogging as much, my computer has been down, and I didn’t want to blog from my phone. It takes me so long to type when I do that.

I guess we can start with what I did last week.


Last week, I hung out with jade, I went to her house for a couple of hours. She has a trampoline there, we jumped on it, that was fun. I enjoyed that.

Apart from that, I haven’t been doing a lot of things, just mainly hanging around home, sometimes getting into arguements with my family, but thats nothing new.

I get sick of them telling me how I shouldn’t do things, like go to the US to see my boyfriend, they are always on at me about that. I just wish they would keep their oppinions to themselves, I understand they are concerned about me, but there is being concerned, then there is just being overboard about things.

They often judge my boyfriend, saying all these horrible things about him, and they don’t even know him, like I do. I hate when they do that, it really upsets me.


Lastly, on a hhappier note, I am going to melbourne with one of my friends for a day trip on a plane, I am really looking forward  to that. Seeing as i’ve never been on a plane before, It will be rather exciting.

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