nervous about therapy

I am nervous about my upcoming therapy on friday. It looks like I am going to hav to go there by myself now, because my dad has refused to take me there, just because I wouldn’t let him use my phone.

I told him I was fine with that, I am sick of the way he is trying to control me in the hope he will get what he wants. I don’t give in to that anymore. I think he uses my anxiety against me sometimes, and I don’t like that at all.

I am hoping this therapy works well for me, and I can feel better about going out by myself, and also feel better about staying on my own.


Today I called disability SA (South australia) to see if they had any transport options if I can’t get to apointments. They put me through to the Red Cross organisation. They took down my details and advised me they would call me back as soon as possible, probably today or tomorrow. I might see if they can take me to my therapy. They could pick me up from there, and drop me off, but they arn’t allowed to stay there, which I am fine with.


I have my volunteer coming this Thursday, I am looking forward to that also, I can’t wait to see how I get along with her.

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