new couch and staying here

today was kind of a good day, my sister got a new couch today, its bigger than the last one they had, and I think more comfortable too, I haven’t tried it yet. 

While they were getting the couch, I stayed here, my anxiety was a little worse than usual today, it was so bad that I threw up, it was grose.

I am worried about my thyroid condition coming back, since I stopped taking the medication about two months ago, I have been worried about it coming back. I have always been checking my hair, to see if more comes out than usual when I brush it, as this is one of the symptoms, as is anxiety and heart pulpitations. So far I haven’t been too. bad as far as symptoms go. If need be, though I do have some of the mdication I used to take in the cupboard, so I could just start back on it again, if I need to.


I am still waiting for headspace to get back to me about there next availible appointment. I really want to work with this therapist on how I can go about living independantly, and having other coping mecconisims as well. 

I don’t always want to have to be on the phone with someone when I’m by myself, because someone may not always be availible.

I really hope I can get my therapy worked out soon. I am looking forward to some more work on my anxiety and seeing if I can eventually live with someone, or on my own, wich ever comes first. Probably with someone first, would be best. And that someone I am thinking of is very special to me.

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