So, I’m thinking about my therapy on Thursday, my dad was going to drop me at my appointment and then go do other things while I’m there, I don’t know if thats such a good idea. I mean, I will be with someone who I have never met before, and I don’t like the idea of that. I know this is something I have to get used to though.


What if something happens while I’m there, what if I have anxiety and I can’t breathe?

I suppose that being specialized in a mental health profession, he will know how to deal with my anxiety, he could get me to meditate or something like that. I still do it regularly. I will meditate before I leave for the appointment too.

I hope my appointment goes well. I’m sure it will, I am just thinking way too much, like I always do.

I Catastrifize everything, make it bigger than it seems. I have started to write down my thoughts in my anxiety thought sheet I have. That has been helping me a lot.

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