Picking up breakfast at the cafe

today, since it was a nice sunny morning, I decided to pick up breakfast from the cafe down the street from me.

I first picked out what I wanted from the online menu and then payed for it, so that when I arrived at the cafe, I could just take it and go.
I booked an uber, so I could drive to the cafe to pick it up. I wanted to make this trip as easy as possible, because of my anxiety.

I was extremely nervous about it, especially seeing as I had forgotten my cane, that was rather a huge mistake. I felt really bad about that. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from going to pick it up.
After about a 25 to 27 minute wait, the uber finally arrived. I had a lot of anxiety walking out to meet the driver, as I always do, everytime I go out.

After a few minutes I had reached the cafe. When we walked inside, I was scared. I was afraid he wouldn’t wait for me, I kept having to ask if he was there. I was worried he might get back in his car and drive away. I have to get better at not having to be reassured about that.

I’m glad I ended up getting my food, and I’m happy I successfully achieved that.

It was another big step for me.

There will be more to come I’m sure of it.

Each time I achieve something new, I feel really good about it.

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