therapy update

Yesterday I called Headspace, because I got some mail from them stating that I should schedule an appointment with them. So, I did just that. My appointment is next friday. . I am going to go there by myself, so that they can see firsthand exactly the way my anxiety is. Or at least if … More therapy update

outing today

today, I went out to the hungry jacks. I had a lot of anxiety while I was there and also before I went. I just ordered my food and came back. I still can’t eat there. As usual the driver helped me in and helped me to order the food. The food took a while … More outing today

volunteer visit

so, I am happy now, I have been wondering what has happened to an agency finding out about a suitable volunteer to take me out to places. Today, I finally got an email from them. The volunteer is coming to visit me on thurdsday at 2:30 PM. I am a bit excited and a bit … More volunteer visit