Lunch with a friend

I Just came back from having lunch with my friend. I enjoyed myself, however I had a lot of anxiety which I didn’t enjoy. I am happy that I went though, and fhought through the anxiety. I’m hoping I can get better. And make this anxiety more manageable. In the end, I was panicking, and I just wanted to leave there. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to be with my friend, my anxiety was making it that way. I wish I could be better, and not have to be so fearful of going out. I really don’t understand how everyone else does it. Maybe I will be normal one day.
I also stayed home while they were out shopping, I almost threw up though, I hate that feeling. It’s rather annoying. Hopefully I will get better at that too one day. I have my therapy on the 9th of March, I hope they can help me. I do meditation still everyday. And that seems to help some. Maybe I need medication as well as therapy. Either way, I definitely need something. Because doing it on my own doesn’t seem to be working. No matter how hard I try. Or maybe I’m just expecting results too soon. Maybe I have to be a bit more patient with myself….

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