my anxiety is high right now. so I decided to write, to try to calm myself down, I suppose. Try to see the non logic in my thoughts.   So, I am worried I may have a seizure, which wouldn’t happen because I haven’t had them for years, so I don’t need to worry about … More thinking

stayed here

before, I stayed here. I am happy with the way it went, I had a bit of anticipatory anxiety, leading up to when they were leaving, but forced myself to believe that I’d be ok. I am surprised at how well I went, considering I hadn’t stayed here on my own for a few weeks … More stayed here

doctors appoinment

I don’t like doctors, my anxiety is somewhat high right now. I really hope she perscribes me some sort of anxiety medication to help me. I don’t think she will, though, as like I stated in one of my earlier posts, last time I asked for anxiety medication, they wanted to refer me to a … More doctors appoinment

doctors coming up.

Yesterday I made a doctors appointment, as much as I didn’t want to. There are a few things I must address with her, including the use of my thyroid medication. The recommended timeframe to be on the medication is 12-18 months and I have been on it a bit longer than that. I have stopped … More doctors coming up.