staying here and therapy update.

today, I stayed here. I thought I did really well, although I need to work on not relying on others as much. Thats hard to do, because having people such as my boyfriend there, makes me feel “Safe” I had some anxiety after they left, though, but about 20 minutes after, I was relaxed and didn’t suffer as much with anxiety. I feel I am getting better slowly. Although its hard to stay here sometimes, depending on what day I’m having.


As far as going out on my own is concerned, I haven’t mastered that yet, that scares me a lot. I need to work on building up my confidence in certain areas.

I have rescheduled my therapy for a few weeks time, because I wanted a later appointment with Headspace, the appointment they picked was to early in the morning for me.


I hope I can get better soon, and not rely on people so much.

One step at a time I suppose.

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