Firstly, I would like to thank my readers, visitors, and followers for reading this blog. Sometimes I really think it is probably more boring than worth reading.

I second guess my writing a lot. But thats another post for another day,

Back to why I originally posted…


In a while, I am going shopping, I like to do that, but only with “safe people” which is mainly  my family. I know I need to get better at that, and I am trying to.


My mum has gone on holiday for a month, she has gone interstate, to see her boyfriend. She will be gone for a month, I will miss her a bit. Now that I see her regularly, it will be hard knowing that she will be gone for such a long time. But She will be back before I know it, I guess.


Apart from that, nothing much else is happening, I have to go to my bank to sort out a few things. It really makes me mad when companies don’t process things properly. I tried to do a SIM card activation yesterday, and it didn’t work out as I had planned.


But anyway, I will blog a little later.

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