so, before, I was planning to stay home, while they went out.

I had asked my sister where they were going, and they were going to look at a new sofa for my mum, that they had seen for giveaway.

I started to get a lot of anxiety, as they were getting ready to leave.

About 20 minutes had passed, I went back out there, and asked when they were going to leave, basically to get it over with.

. .

. My sister had said that I could come with because I have been doing well at staying by myself here, I think she may sort of get how hard it is for me at times.

I was really happy about that, someone finally noticed that I’m getting better, even though half the time, I’m not sure I’m getting better. Sometimes its easier to stay here than others. some days  I just wish I didn’t have to deal with them going out , and some days I really wish they would.


I have therapy coming up next week. I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to that or not, see how it goes, I suppose. I’m not looking. forward to talking about my anxiety and feelings. I get really shy around new people.


Also, one last thing before I get off of here, I really shouldn’t look up symptoms of things on google. I googled “Low white blood cell count” because mine is low, and it says it can be very dangerous, if it is too low, can even be fatal.

O, no, I hope I’ll be ok.

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