today is a good day

today has been a sort of good day in regards to my anxiety. The first time I stayed here today, I chatted to a friend on the phone while they were gone. I liked that. I really enjoyed our chat.

She said that I’m fearing nothing, in regards to my seizures and everything like that, basically saying that is hasn’t happened yet, so I don’t need to worry about it.

I think today was the first time I have come to the realization of this properly. . Now I am here on my own, as I write, and I am doing relatively well. I had a little anxiety to begin with, I checked my heart rate a few times. sometimes I do that, I’m not sure why. I guess just to make sure its not going too fast, I suppose. .


I hope they come back soon, though. I am hungry. I wonder whats on the menu tonight for dinner.

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