doctors appoint update

so, I went to my doctors appointment before, I had a lot of anxiety both while I was in the office and when I was in the waiting area. I really didn’t want to see my doctor, but some good things came out of it.


I first got my doctor to give me a blood test form so I can  get my blood tested to see what my thyroid levels are at. I got the form and I am getting my levels checked tomorrow, I get the results on Thursday of next week.

I also asked about some anxiety medication. My doctor had suggested that I either get a referral  to a psychologist or that we could discuss medication further. She had to make a mental health plan, which could take an hour or so, this made me want to try the medication more, because I get very anxious in there, as well as other situations. .

I have to get my levels checked first, before any anxiety medication can be prescribed. I would like something with little or no side affects, and also something that isn’t addictive.


After I returned from the doctors, I was talking to Jade about a mental health organization called Headspace. They help people from 12 to 25 with different mental health issues. I organized an appointment with them for the 31th of January.

I am looking forward to it. I am thinking positively about it, so that is good.

SO I am going to use medication in conjunction with some therapy again, so hopefully that goes well.

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