doctors coming up.

Yesterday I made a doctors appointment, as much as I didn’t want to. There are a few things I must address with her, including the use of my thyroid medication. The recommended timeframe to be on the medication is 12-18 months and I have been on it a bit longer than that. I have stopped taking the medication, because my white blood cells are lower than usual and I don’t want that to start leading to other complications. white blood cell count is a serious side-affect of the medication and if it is used too long, can lead to other problems.

My doctor, however told me it was a life long medication. So I did some research and found out that it isn’t.


I also will ask her about some anxiety medication, I hope she doesn’t try to refer me to a psychologist or anything like that, I hope she just prescribes it to me, I somehow doubt that will happen, though. There was another time I asked for some medication for anxiety and the GP at the time wanted to refer me to a psychologist which I refuse at that time.


Anyway, my appointment is on Thursday, so I’ll update then about that.

My friend Jade is coming over today, she is staying for a few days, I really enjoy catching up with her. She is my best friend.

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