a little anxiety

my anxiety is a little high right now, so I thought I would write. Writing is a great way for me to feel better.

So, at some pointt I have to go to the doctors next week. I haven’t made the appointment yet, I am a little scared to. I hate doctors and I get really worried when I have to see them. I always worry that something might be seriously wrong. I wouldn’t like that.

I don’t know, I worry way too much, I probably cause more problems with the amount of worrying I do, but o, well, I guess. I’ll meditate and then I will feel better, that too, helps a lot.

I just hope I’ll be ok, though.

I might ask my doctor for some anxiety medication, I have been thinking about that for a while.

I am a bit concerned about taking that too, because of the reactions I may get from it, since it would be a new medication.


One last thing I will mention before I go check how the cricket is going though. My life coaching course got stopped because our government is no longer providing funding for it through that campus. That really sucks. I was enjoying that.

I was thinking of starting it up with another provider, but then I would have to start the work from the beginning, and I had almost completed the first book of the course I was doing, and they probably wouldn’t except the book from the previous course.

I was thinking of completing a diploma of councilling. but I’m not sure what I want to do next, something relating the therapy, I’d love to help people with their issues.


anyways I’m off for now, I’m going to check the cricket

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