books and other things

My day has been good today. I have been reading a book called “Highly illogical behaviour” It was probably the best book I have ever read. Its about a 16 year old boy who suffers from agrophobia. He falls into a fountain at his school and had a panic attack. He then worried about it happening again in other situations, until his world became the four walls of his bedroom. He wouldn’t venture outside. Until one day the boys mother caught up with one of his old classmates at her dentist where she worked. The classmate and the boy connected through a letter…. and I’ll let you discover the rest if you decide to read it.

I can relate to the book in some ways, I think thats why I like it so much.

I fear of a panic attack if I go out on my own too, but I can go out with someone. Thats a little similar to what he was experiencing.


Apart from reading, I’m not really doing much else for the weekend, its going to be rather warm over christmas.

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