Course and whatever else.

Yesterday i finally started my life coaching course. I love it so far, its very interesting. The first few assignments seem really easy, but i’m sure it will get harder, though. Maybe with what I learn, i can apply it to myself too. We’ll see what happens, i guess. The format of the course sucks with my screen reader on my computer, though. Because I’m totally blind and I use speech and the keyboard to navigate my way around the screen, sometimes documents don’t get along with the screenreader, it can be somewhat annoying.

I called my course campuses education line  today, but as usual, I had to wait for someone to call me back, which they didn’t, so tomorrow, i’ll be making another phone call to them, i think to get it all sorted out.


Now on to a not very good topic, I thought I would get the good things out the way first, I probably should have done it the other way around, but o, well.

Anyway, so what happened was, My  dad went to the shop, no one  else was here and I had to go get some things too, well, I sort of had to get them  they probably could’ve waited, though. I know thats not good  to do,.., that, I know i should’ve stayed here. But I don’t like dealing with the anxiety that goes alng with that, I don’t like feeling so sick that i throw up. I don’t like it at all. I know that I have to deal with the fear to get through it, and I also know that the anxiety doesn’t last for the whole duration of the time I am by myself usually, its just the thought of the anxiety and the feelings associated with it that I dislike. Sometimes meditation works, sometimes not. I prefer it when they tell me about half an hour before they leave, it gives me plenty of time to calm myself down. But sometimes that just can’t happen.


I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to go backwards with this, I want to keep working on staying here.

But everyone goes through rough patches, I guess. Maybe its just one of those.

I’m sure in time I will do better


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