random thoughts

so, i’m sitting here and  thinking about different things. sometime this week , I want to go get an icecream, since its going to be warmer this week. But i’m currently in two minds about that.

Part of me wants to go, because, I know its not good for me to rely on people the way I do, and a bit of me doesn’t want to go, because its scary to do that. I know I shouldn’t feel that way, but my head isn’t thinking right really.

I’m trying to think every negative thing and swapp it with something possitive. For example, I was thinking before, what if the cab I travel in crashes? Well, realistically, that could happen in any car i’m travelling in, not just that one.

What if they forget where my house is?

Well, there’s GPS for a reason, i guess.

What if I panic and its so strong that I can’t get through it?

Well, i’ve got through lots of panic attacks before, and panic attacks don’t mean death, even though they may feel that way at the time, they always pass, then I feel calmer afterwards.

And, if I do this, I will feel happy that i’ve achieved it. I always feel really good when I achieve things :).??

One thought on “random thoughts

  1. You are very brave! A lot of people are sitting in their corner and can’.t do anything! I feel for them but then there is you! I must take a super strength to do what you do and to think for every negative thought a positive one. I believe totally in positive thinking, it save me from a lot of sorrow! Very good posting!


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