Today started off really well, I was helping with the cleaning around the house and things like that. about half an hour ago, my dad had announced he was going to the shop real quick. Everyone else went out before that, so it was just me and him home. Before he had announced that I was watching different videos about different therapies used by  therapists to combat phobias. Of course, I came across the most common of them, CBT (cognative behaviour therapy), which in my opinion, I’m not sure how effective it would be, considering its basically saying that i’m not allowed to feel the feelings I feel, in regards to my anxiety, instead, I have to replace them with more positive thoughts and feelings, which makes sense of course, but it would be hard to  change them, I think. And judging by how I tried to practice it on myself today, when he was going to the shop, and it failed, gives me reason to think  that it won’t work, but I’ll try that again , and my usual  meditation. 🙂

Also, when I see my doctor next, I am going to ask her about some anxiety medication. and only take that when i need it.


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