overthinking things.

so, today, I am feeling better, in regards to my tooth. I haven’t had any panadol today, so i’m glad of that, I am still putting salt water in my mouth, as well as brushing my teeth and swishing the mouth wash in afterwards.


I had a bit of anxiety before. I was worried I might have a seizure because I hadn’t drank much water today. I don’t like thinking about that, though. I wish the fear of seizures would go away. I don’t know what to do about that one. probably just tell myself it won’t happen, I guess.

If I ask other people about if I will have one, sometimes they say I will have one, which makes me worry even more. And hyperthetacally, if I did have one, I wouldn’t be able to control if it hapened  or not, so I shouldn’t worry about something that I would have no control over. I need to see things logically. But sometimes its hard with these types of things.

One thought on “overthinking things.

  1. Hey, I hear you. My head is often a jumble of thoughts that I can’t really do anything about right now. There’s plenty of stuff about the past, which can’t be changed. There’s thoughts about the future, which I can’t foresee. There’s thoughts about conversations I might or might not end up having because of people’s bullshit. I’m always having to tell myself: “No. I can’t cope with that right now so it’s going to have to wait for a bit. I can only deal with these few issues right now, plus maybe a bit of mental energy left over in case something comes up that can’t be ignored. Then I’ll move on to the next few issues I can handle and so on.”


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