feeling a little better today

so, I a feeling a little better as far as my tooth is concerned. I might still go to the dentist though, just to check it out. I don’t want it to be anything too serious.

I also need to get a blood test at some point, I keep putting  that off. I don’t like kneedles and I don’t want there to be anything wrong in my results.

Medical stuff really gives me a lot of anxiety.

I know I shouldn’t worry about things until they happen, a lot of people tell me that, but, its not as easy as that for me.


I hope today will be a better day than yesterday was, though 🙂 its supposed to be warmer this weekend, I don’t know whether i’m looking forward to that or not. So long as its not too warm, I will be ok, I guess.


But right now, i’m starving and am going to eat something., or maybe get a cup of coffee, yeah, coffee sounds good 🙂

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