a little scared

So, my sister has a meeting to go to tomorrow, and they are all going to it. I want to stay here, though, but I am scared about it. I know i’ve stayed here before by myself.  , and nothing has happened, but what if this is the one time something does? Hopefully it doesn’t, though.. I know I shouldn’t think like that. It really won’t help anything.


I do know one thing though, I have to do this, stay here as much as I can. As scary as it is, hopefully it will help me in the long run. I need to think better as well, more positively. I am trying, though 🙂

today is just one of those days, I guess.


I want to mention one more thing that annoys me a lot.

The ignorence that people have in regards to mental illness, people who don’t think it exists etc. That really frustrates me. I am shocked that in todays society people could possibly think like that.  .

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