so, I’m not happy right now. I opened my course document yesterday, and almost half of it was lost. I don’t want to rewrite the rest of it!!! It took me so long to write it all in the first place. Its really frustrating!   In other news, I went to the post office today, … More course.

hot saturday

I really dislike the heat. My anxiety isn’t good in hot whether. I have to rink lots of water so I don’t get dehydrated. I worry about that. I have drank 2 leaders   so far today. I stayed here while they were all out before. My sister has gone to dinner at her boyfriends … More hot saturday

shopping center

before we went to the shopping centre. As we were driving there, I started to worry, what if I faint,  or have a seizure   in the store? I didn’t have my water. I even checked my heart to see if it was racing or not. It was racing a bit. I don’t understand why … More shopping center

stayed here

today was a good day. I called the course study line back, and also got microsoft word on my computer. I still think we are going to have to modify the documents so that its easy for me to work through the questions in the course.   Before, i stayed here. i’m really happy about … More stayed here

random thoughts

so, i’m sitting here and  thinking about different things. sometime this week , I want to go get an icecream, since its going to be warmer this week. But i’m currently in two minds about that. Part of me wants to go, because, I know its not good for me to rely on people the … More random thoughts