I just finished meditating. Well, meditating, then sleeping for a bit, haha. That always happens. This is my favourite video to meditate to, just for your interest. I highly recommend meditation, it is really good. It always makes me feel so much better, and have a healthy mind and also think good thoughts.   I … More meditation

a bit nervous

so, today is the day i meet up with the person who is organising my volunteer. I am a bit nervous about this. I know it will help me a lot, though. But it is scary a bit. I don’t know what sorts of questions she is going to ask and I don’t know who … More a bit nervous


let me start off by saying that I hope everyone is having a good day as I am. But, there is one thing I’m not feeling good about, though. Its this volunteer, I’m really worried about that. I  want to go to the coffee shop, and be able to order coffee there, but what if … More thoughts

haloween party

tonight, we had  a halloween party, it was great, it was kind of for the kids really. my older sister came and also my younger sisters friend came too. I really enjoyed it. It was good to see my older sister again.   But I had a bit of anxiety because there was so much … More haloween party

my course

so, i’m back with another post.   On Tuesday, i enrolled   in a course  in life coaching. It starts on the 7th of november, I am a bit nervous about it. thankfully, it is online, though. I don’t have to go into a campus and deal with people who I don’t know.

birthday blog

so, today is my birthday. I am happy 🙂 i’m now 22, I don’t feel it, though. I was a bit sad before, because, my boyfriend can’t be here to celibrate it with me. Also, I was thinking about how I can’t go out on my own to places just yet, and that made me … More birthday blog