some worries

some worries

so, I have been a bit worried over some things these last few days. Yesterday I had hit my head on the corner of my computer. It really hurt a lot. I thought, What if I have a seizure?

I haven’t had one yet, though. (touch wood that I don’t)

I had seizures as a kid, but i have grown out of them now, and am no longer on medication for them. But I still worry about it, though.

I know I shouldn’t..

Anyway, to calm myself down about it, after googling about head injuries and all these other outrageous things, I thought about all the other times I had hit my head and nothing has ever happened to me afterwards. I felt better about that then, and I liked how I solved that problem, I felt good about myself afterwards, and happy for the time being, that I will be ok.


So now to todays worries.

Today was rather warm, and the sun was bright and I had to do my laundry, I had gone outside without a bottle of water. I don’t like being without one, especially when its getting warmer wether.

I was getting worried, incase something happened to me while I was out there.

I ended up going inside for a drink break. I felt better afterwards, but I didn’t want to go outside again. I just really wanted to avoid going out there.

But despite not wanting to go out there, somehow I managed to convince myself that nothing was going to happen while I was out there, because nothing happened before that, when I was out previously.

So, I felt better about that, knowing I have the strength to not listen to my crazy thoughts.


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