stayed home :)

just before, I stayed home while everyone else was out. I wanted to stay here while my dad went to my sisters place. I was so anxious, even though I meditated before he left. . It really wasn’t good. I had nausia and it wasn’t goo. But i’m so happy that I at least did it, though.


I have been reading about natural ways to cure anxiety. I have read about something called KAVA. I don’t know how good it is. a lot o people say it really works, but I guess it depends on the person. I was thinking of buying some and trying it out. I’ve read that it can become addictive, so i have to be careful of that too, I guess.


I have a funeral that I may be attending tomorrow, my aunty passed away last week, and some people have arranged her funeral. So, I might go to that, I might not, i’m not sure yet. I didn’t know my aunty very well, so I wouldn’t be as sad as everyone else, but i probably should go ad pay my respects.

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