appointment and public transport

so today, my niece had an appointment. We had to get a train and bus to get there. The bus ride was so long.

On the way there and back, I walked to the train station by myself, they were still there, of course, but at a distance. My dad alway insists that I be guided, but i’m trying to make him see I can do things by  myself. It really frustrates me sometimes.

I felt proud of myself for walking there and back, though. I did call out to my sister once, though, because, I thought they  were gone.


Today I was a bit sad because I don’t like when my dad  tries to use my anxiety when I won’t do something he wants me to do. sort of guilt tripping into making me do what he wants. And when I don’t he says, “O, wen your sister and her partner go out, I’ll go out as well,” Instead of giving into his demand, I said, “O, do what u like then,” I get sick of that stuff really quickly when he does that.. what he wanted and my anxiety are two separate issues, so he shouldn’t use it against me like that.

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