swapping courses and other things

Hey people, i’m back with another post.

The course coordinator contacted me today and I am thinking of swapping my courses. I just sent her an email stating that I want to swap from life coaching to counselling. It starts in January or 2017. I am a bit worried because its at diploma level and I’ve heard that diploma is hard. but I’ve never completed a course in that level before, so I’m not sure how it will turn out. But there are people from the college who can help me if I need it, I guess.


Not much else has been happening really, My dad was going to leave the other day and I had a lot of anxiety about that. I don’t think they go out enough. I find that if I start staying here on a regular basis that it doesn’t become so difficult, but if I don’t stay for a long period of time, then I get a lot of anxiety. I meditated, and that did help somewhat. But I had to call my sister to see where she was. It turned out that she was out the front of the house, so then I was ok. I knew she would be coming back inside before my dad had left. I know I shouldn’t have did that, though. But I am still working on staying here, it really isn’t easy, but i’m sure i’ll get there, with the support from my boyfriend, since some of my family don’t support me, I have him for support. I couldn’t ask for better support 🙂

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