not much happening

Today, not much is happening. I hope the person organizing my volunteer gets back to me soon.


in regards to my course , I haven’t started it yet, I have to provide them with a certificate to show that i have completed my high school education. And also I have to provide them with my TFN, (Tax file number) to apply for VET fee help. SO basically so the government can fund my course. So still a bit of things to complete before I can begin.


Today i was a bit sad earlier on, I had a bit of anxiety, because my sister and her partner are going out in a few hours from now and I thought my dad was leaving to go an hour away to see one of his friends and his mum. Meaning that I would be on my own. I thought he had already left the house before and didn’t even ask if I wanted to go with him. I was a bit mad about that. Until a while later, I went out and he was still there. I had to check if they were there.


Sometimes, I really hate my anxiety, you know, it makes things so difficult. I often ask myself why I have to deal with this stupid thing. I wish it could be someone else!!!!


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