going out today and making phone calls.

today we went out to the shop and also to my old neighbours place. It was good to see  her again and it was good to get out of the house for a while to. I not long got back from doing that.

When i came back, I had to make a few phone calls. It appears that I didn’t complete my application properly like I thought I had for my course.

I had to call up the course provider and get  my application ID, because my application was saved on there system and I could just resume it from logging in.

I then had to call up the ATO (Australian tax office) for my tax file number, which they wouldn’t give me. I didn’t have the correct ID they had requested. but I had some ID, but they said wasn’t enough.

I dold them that the ID i had still proved who I am and it is also photo ID which is the same as a passport, thats still photo ID. If its a legal document of ID , it should be excepted, as it is a legal document identifying who u are. Thats what I think anyway. There shouldn’t be a specific ID that they request, It should just be something with your name, date of birth and address and expiry date, if the ID has one.

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