reading and other things

I have just finished reading a book called Homebound no more. I can’t remember who it is by, but it is about someones struggle with agoraphobia and how they overcome there fears, started a family and things like that. .

There was a quote that the author’s friend  had said,

, “Lets see what happens.”

His friend had said this when the author was having negative thoughts about a situation.

I think that quote will be my motto from now on.


Another thing I have been contemplating is whether to take an anxiety medication occasionally , like if I know that something is going to really cause me huge anxiety. But i am scared of what it will do to me and make me feel like. And also of the side effects that could potentially come with the medication.

Anyone got any recommendations of what i could take? preferably something with minimal side affects 🙂


And one last thing, I really like blogging here you know, it gives me the strength everyday to keep going with this. And when i read back on my posts, it makes things look not so scary after all.

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