let me start off by saying that I hope everyone is having a good day as I am.

But, there is one thing I’m not feeling good about, though.

Its this volunteer, I’m really worried about that. I  want to go to the coffee shop, and be able to order coffee there, but what if i have a panic attack in the middle of the shop? what if I pass out or something?


I know my brain is thinking overtime again, as it usually does.


 alternatively I could think, what if i don’t have a panic attack or pass out and can successfully enjoy my coffee like everyone else that goes to the coffee shop.  . .



But regardless of my thoughts, I need to do this for myself,

I need to be more confident and strong.

I can do this!

I will beat this anxiety, i’m sure of it! it might take a bit to accomplish, but i can do it!.?

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