update about therapy and other things.

Today, i made a bit of a big decision,

I decided not to have therapy anymore. I want to see if I can fix my anxiety on my own, using the tools my therapist gave me, meditation, exposing myself to the fear of being on my own and when my anxiety hits, I can record it on my anxiety record sheet, which will enable me to see that my thoughts of things that I think that will happen due to my anxiety, won’t actually happen, there just opinions . those things are not  fact.

I really hope I can do this on my own, though, I am worried without that support, that I could possibly  go backwards. I really don’t want that , though.


I really want to go to hungry jacks, maybe its something my new volunteer and I can work on together. I want to be able to order things from the counter by myself, without her being right there next to me, but still in the area. Then, i’m hoping this will help me to build my confidence so I can then go there on my own and do it.

Its really easy to write down, but to put it into action, seems overwhelming.

I’m really hoping I can do it.


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