birthday blog

so, today is my birthday. I am happy 🙂 i’m now 22, I don’t feel it, though.

I was a bit sad before, because, my boyfriend can’t be here to celibrate it with me. Also, I was thinking about how I can’t go out on my own to places just yet, and that made me sad.

But, I am about to get a black forest cake. Thats my favourite cake, and some chocolate from a store at my local shopping center.

For dinner, i’m having schnitzel and veg, made by my sister, she makes her own schnitzel, so thats always good. I like the taste of that, she will have to teach me how to make it some day.

I went to the doctors before, I didn’t like it one bit. I had a panic attack while i was there. It wasn’t a bad one, just a bit of one. I don’t like doctors, they scare me. I always think something could be really wrong if I go there. I don’t like the way i think sometimes, I’ll have to get better at that, which I am trying to.

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